Whisper Rock Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona

It was a piece of property in North Scottsdale that was simply described by its' owner, Gregg Tryhus, as "special." Sitting high above the Valley of the Sun, it was 927 acres of boulder strewn land with large dry washes cutting it into a jigsaw puzzle. The terrain and views were awe inspiring, and some even said that you could hear the voices of ancient Indians whispering in the rocks. To Tryhus, Phil Mickelson and Gary Stephenson, it was seen as a wonderful challenge and opportunity to create a very unique, world class golf course in the Sonoran Desert.

After producing forty-three different golf routings, Phil and Gary literally set out on foot to design and build a strong strategic golf course that would not only take advantage of the natural terrain and beauty, but would also preserve and enhance it. As a result of minimal earthwork and clearing, the course sits gently on the ground as if it has been there for centuries.

With excitement and challenge, the strategy calls for a wide variety of shots, execution and imagination as one would expect from Mickelson. Players are encouraged to play to their strengths and are given opportunities to gamble for a better score.

Whisper Rock has received rave reviews from many PGA Tour Pro's and its members.

Gary Stephenson, Phil Mickelson and Gregg Tryhus (President of Whisper Rock Development)

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