Many years ago, the owner of a prominent golf club opened our first design meeting with this statement "building this course is going to be a journey, we just need to figure out where we are going."

Truer words have never been spoken. The process of designing and building a course is a journey. There is a starting point, and a finishing point, but there is a journey between those points that is full of good times, success, joy, frustration, disappointment and struggle. It is a time of trying to understand target markets, feasibility studies, timelines, budgets, land plans, golf routings, environmental issues, local government codes and guidelines, golf construction, planting and grow-in. Sometimes, a particular project will come together like clockwork, while others may be beset with unexpected difficulties that can delay projects to potential breaking points. Occasionally, we ask ourselves why we do this work that is so full of frustration with things being out of our control; but, most of the time we ask ourselves how we are so lucky to have this incredible job. It is a journey with many paths.

Whether the project is smooth or difficult, it is done by a "team." From the owner, to the golf architect, engineers and land planners, superintendents, to the golf construction crew and the many people between; we all work together toward an ultimate goal to provide a golf course that is enjoyable to you, the golfer.

You will step up to the first tee and look at the hole and decide on a course of play, and you will start your journey around the course. You will walk over the fairways never knowing the toil that has gone into the dirt under your feet. You may praise us when your shot rolls up close to the pin, and you may curse us when the ball bounces into a sand bunker. Occasionally, you may ask yourself why you play this game that is so full of frustration with things being out of your control; but most of the time you ask how you can be so lucky to play this incredible game.

You spend time with friends, you challenge yourself and Mother Nature, and you try to conquer our playing ground. It is our desire that you walk off the last green and look back at the day and realize that you enjoyed the journey.

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