The Turtle Pointe Golf Course at the Laguna Quays Resort in North Queensland, Australia

Turtle Point was built on the beautiful North Queensland coast of the Pacific Ocean, as the centerpiece of a large golf resort and marina. While designing the course and reviewing the overall land plan, it was decided to build a twenty acre lagoon within a portion of the development that was considered useless. A seawall was built in the ocean and the dirt that was excavated from the lagoon was used as fill material to build holes 6 and 14. The lagoon area then became a spectacular area for golf, development and wildlife habitat.

The course opened to great fanfare, and was quickly rated by golf writers as one of the top three courses in Australia. Turtle Point was also used as the venue for one of the first Australian Skins Matches.

Turtle Point was designed and built during Gary Stephenson's tenure as Senior Designer with GPI.

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