Arizona Country Club in Phoenix, Arizona

Long known as one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Arizona, the Arizona Country Club was in need of softening the contours and replacing the turf on the greens. After many years of struggling with bentgrass in an area of poor air circulation and high heat, the decision was made to remodel the greens and plant a hybrid bermuda. In addition to redesigning the greens, new bunkers and tees were incorporated into the course to address the need for additional length and strategy for longer hitters.

Gary Stephenson was hired to handle the redesign. It was quickly determined that the course needed more variety, especially in the shots around the greens. New greensmix was added, and the slope of greens were softened to increase pin positions. Run-off areas were created and mowing patterns were changed to allow more creativity with chips and pitches from off the greens edge. Greenside bunkers were added to provide strategic pin placements, visual aiming points and aesthetics.

When the course re-opened, the members expressed great pleasure with the new playing style of their course as it created better visuals off the tee, and excitement around every green with many options for play.

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